About Us

There is a steep growth in the beauty industry today. Intensive research is being carried out and new products and equipment are replacing those that even a few months back were the latest in technological advancements. Such is the hectic pace of growth that the common man as such is confused about what in the aesthetic medical sector is good for him. Unravelling the web and zeroing in on what would optimise beauty treatments is not easy. We at serenitydayspa.biz hope to set this dilemma right.

In our blog spot we bring you the latest developments, news and information from the medical aesthetic industry. Towards this end, we invite contributions from those who have in-depth knowledge on various aspects, either through firsthand experience or through academic learning.

For those wondering from where to start off, here are a few suggestions from our team at serenitydayspa.biz.

Tell us about your experiences in specialised treatments and processes. These can range from IPL and laser permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments to tattoo removal to microdermabrasion processes. Did these really help you get a glowing and fresh skin? Was it painful? If so, did the dermatologists take any action in this regard? What were the side effects if any? There is a lot that you can start off with.

Most of our readers will be familiar with beauty creams available off super market shelves. What is not so well known are home remedies that are equally effective. Those in the know can enlighten our readers on the benefits of using these homemade products that are free from harmful and abrasive chemicals.

Salon owners and spas can also write about the challenges they faced while setting up their business and the pitfalls that should be avoided by aspiring salon owners. There are many aspects to it – fixing the right location, hiring trained staff and interior decoration. Suggestions and advice from seasoned people can be invaluable for fresh entries in this field.

Our blog spot serenitydayspa.biz is focussed on bringing the best from the world of beauty and aesthetics to our readers. This can only be achieved if we get meaningful contributions from learned bloggers as well as professionals in this domain.