Latest Technological Advancement in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry today is on a high with billions of dollars being spent every year on technologically advances equipment and innovations as well as research on various facets of beauty care. Every year, the market is flooded with gadgets that are based on cutting edge technologies, making these devices safe and easy to use. Treatments today are simplified to an extent where people can opt for skin rejuvenation procedures that are non-invasive in nature and can be done in an hour. The same treatments not so long back meant going under a cosmetic surgeon’s knife with extensive downtime and recuperation periods later.

Here are a few of the technological advancements in the beauty industry that have taken it by storm in recent years.

  • Laser and IPL Technologies – Ageless beauty is no longer an exaggeration in today’s world; it is very much a reality. Removal of fine lines, acne, blackheads, wrinkles and laugh lines are all done through non-invasive methods that are fast, effective and fully safe without any side effects. It is also time to dump the razors, the tweezers and the epilators and opt for permanent hair removal treatments that destroys hair follicles from the roots and leaves the skin fresh and smooth. All this has been possible after the development of equipment based on laser and IPL technologies.

Both these methods harness the power of light energy to permanently destroy hair growth. Concentrated beams of light are targeted at the area under treatment. It travels below the surface of the skin and burns out the melanin which is the hair producing colour pigment. Four to five sessions at monthly intervals are required for lasting hair removal. The same goes for skin freshening treatments through laser and IPL devices.

Because of its complexities, beauty salon and clinic owners always install the best and most technologically advanced equipment to give clients the best of treatments. The top laser hair removal machines for sale in Australia are imported from leading manufacturers from across the world. These machines are made from the finest Japanese and German components and offer high quality results. The leading importer and distributor of such devices in the country is Australian Aesthetic Devices.

  • Cordless Makeup Airbrush – Get professional makeup at home with this tool. It is cordless and can be charged through a USB charger. It is simple to handle without any complexities. Simply load it with an Air-pod which contains bronzer or blush, or highlighter or liquid foundation and get the desired brushing. A trigger has to be lightly pulled to emit a fine spray of whatever you have loaded it with. Apply in circulation motion under you get complete coverage over the area.
  • Sonic Brush – It is a multi-tasking brush that exfoliates and cleans the face, body and feet. It has an embedded sensor that allows control of different speeds and sensations. Once the Smart Dynamic facial brush is attached to the base, it can be made to operate at four 30-second cleansing intervals at varying intensities. Another brush gives short bursts of sonic bursts to give a massage like cleansing experience. The Turbo setting gives an intense pulse sensation. A light on the handle indicates when the brush needs to be changed.
  • Eye wrinkle correcting laser – No more trips to beauty salons and spas to take out under the eyes wrinkles and fine lines and crow’s feet. Now it can be done at home. The small device emits beams of light that trigger production of collagen and elastin that help to smooth out skin texture. A slight redness and swelling is initially noticed after treatment but that gradually subsides in 24 hours. Using the gadget in circular motions on the area for two minutes every day for eight weeks works wonders.
    These are some of the latest in technologically advanced treatments that have taken the beauty industry to new heights now.

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