Must Have Beauty Salon & Spa Furniture and Equipment

A beauty salon and spa is a customer centric sector where levels of service you offer your patrons have a big bearing on profitability and business growth. Some things will be common amongst most salons – trained staff, ambience, location advantages and marketing strategies. But in the race to garner more clients, it is the equipment at your clinic that can make or mar your business.

It is not necessary that you should have expensive machines only to impress clients. What is important is that patrons are able to stay in their comfort zones while availing of your services. Further, if you pack your clinic with equipment that has a much less demand than their full operational capacity, you will have needlessly blocked your capital. A lot of factors therefore have to be considered before you decide on the equipment that will optimise operational efficiencies of your clinic.

Above all, choose carefully and wisely all equipment and furniture for your clinic. Furniture has to be functional, yet has to add to the attractiveness of the interiors.

An example will illustrate this well. Many clinics have separate areas and sections for haircuts, colouring, pedicure and manicure. Patrons may be inconvenienced if they have to move about after choosing a complete beauty package. To get around this issue have a multi-purpose chair that can be used for haircuts, facials and bleaches and even pedicures by attaching a small basin to the foot of the chair. Such a piece of furniture will add value to your business by increasing customer satisfaction.

While evaluating must have beauty salon and spa equipment and furniture, there are two aspects that need to be taken into account. The first is that which is directly connected with services offered at the salon and the second is that which adds to the interior decoration and ambience. Both are in their own way very important for attracting clients and improving business.

Equipment for customer service – These include chairs, mirrors, and scissors, pieces for pedicure and manicure and racks. Ensure that the colour of upholstery match that of the walls and the surroundings. Salon owners on a budget and looking for used furniture will not of course get much of a choice in this regard.

If you offer specialised treatments and have to invest in expensive equipment, your choice should narrow down to the absolute must haves without any possibility of unutilised capacity. Before buying such machinery, carry out a research of the other salons in your locality to gauge the demand for services that you plan to introduce. Most common equipment in this regard if you want to offer the basic services are those for laser and IPL permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments, tattoo removal and microdermabrasion.

These machines come in a wide range of models and in a wide range of prices. Initially choose the smaller desk top varieties and once your services have stabilised, go for larger floor type versions which are faster and more efficient. You can even choose to buy used machines in good condition or opt for lease at monthly rentals.

The second category of must have equipment and furniture is focussed exclusively on increasing the glamour quotient of your clinic. Good attractive furniture especially in the reception area and the service cubicles will give your salon an edge over your competitors. It is important in the beauty business to have an aura of class and elegance around you.

These are simply a few suggestions about the must have furniture and equipment for your salon and spa. What you ultimately choose to have will depend largely on your specific requirements.

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