Tips to Boost Success of Your Beauty Salon

Like any business a salon has to grow consistently for it to be profitable on a long term basis. However, while financials are definitely important, growth in the strict sense of salon business is an increase in goodwill and trust by clients. Hence while exploring ways to boost success of your beauty salon it is necessary to look at it both from the point of increasing returns on investment as well optimisation of marketing strategies.

These two should always be evaluated separately especially in this line of business.

Increase Profitability –

  • Enhance per customer spends – This can be a major improvement in your earnings without added investments. For example, if a patron has booked for a haircut, push for a shampoo or a facial at a highly discounted rate. If you can offer excellent services and satisfy the client, you can be sure that the next time around, she will book for both at normal rates. This automatically increases your earnings without any extra effort.

  • Keep overheads low – Salon business is totally customer centric so you should refrain from cutting corners to an extent that it will affect client service. However you can do so by controlling the level of your inventories. Having huge stocks of consumables block your working capital and will badly affect the functioning of the salon. Work out your daily requirements approximately based on average peak sales and maintain inventories for a fortnight at the most.

  • Increase value added services – If the salons in your area offer the regular standardised services only, you can get an edge over your competition by providing something extra. Study the demand in your area and plan accordingly.

An example will further illustrate this point. While the craze for tattoos is not a new phenomenon, it has always been difficult to have them removed, especially certain colours like the fluorescent ones. However, latest technological advancements have seen the introduction of tattoo removal products and devices that have made the process painless, safe and quick. Hence there is a sharp increase in demand for tattoo removal. You can do well to cash in on this demand and install tattoo removal equipment in your salon.

The leaders in this field is Universal Medical Aesthetics who are the leading importers and distributors of laser IPL machines and tattoo removal devices  in Australia and offer high quality equipment and impeccable after sales services to their clients. You will do well to install their devices in your salon and see your earnings and profitability shoot up manifold.

Evolve novel marketing strategies –

  • Launch exclusive deals – Salon owners launch exclusive deals generally during off season to increase sagging sales but the ideal time to do so is the peak season. This is because it is during this season that demand peaks and you can make a dent in your competitors’ client base through some clever planning. Offer special discounts and lowered prices during festival and wedding seasons and line up well structured combo plans. A full service bridal makeup at a wedding on your regular client can be complemented by heavily discounted rates for guests who might not be your regular patrons. Hence you get extra business and if you can maximise your level of services, those guests will even shift their allegiance to your salon in the future.

  • Wide marketing of services – Go off the regular marketing avenues like distributing pamphlets and brochures and try something new to get ahead of the competition. Take part in fairs and exhibitions just before the wedding or festive season and have the best worker of your salon exhibit certain specific services like nail art or some makeup activity. Offer a live demo of makeup to visitors to your stall while simultaneously talking about the services provided at your salon. Distribute numbered visiting cards and offer discounted services when they are produced at the salon. Apart from drawing new clients in, it will also help increase awareness of your salon.

It should be remembered that providing quality services should take precedence over everything else. Hire the best workers even though talent comes at a price and get the best consumables that money can buy. Salon business is all about enhanced customer satisfaction and this should be your primary focus too.

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